Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Top 5: LE products

Hey there :)

Yes, it´s Tuesday again, so time for another Top 5 Tuesday. Today it is all about my favourite limited edition products. I hope you don´t mind as they are not available anymore. Maybe you can find them on ebay or some other website.

Essie "Pennytalk": The first one is Essie "Pennytalk". I have never seen such a colour or similar to this with any brand. When it came out, there was such a run on this nail varnish that I was quite lucky that I got it. I still love it after a year now. You only need one layer and it gives a really even finish.

Mac "Flatter Me": With this one it´s not just the beautiful print on it, the cute packaging and the really nice colour, it gives a beautiful peachy glow to the cheeks, but also the place where I bought it. I bought it on the airport with my boyfriend on the way to our first holiday together. That´s why it is so special to me.

Sleek "Mirrored Pink": Sleek blushes are amazing, we don´t have to talk about that. They always come up with such amazing shades. As always the pigmentation is really good and the shimmer is literally like a mirror. I´m in love!

Catrice "Artfully Lustrous": This eyeshadow is so well pigmented and so soft that it is so easy to apply. It look especially good as a highlight or for a light make up. I have used quite a lot and I´m already scared to hit the pan.

Alverde "shimmery gold": The colour of this eyeliner is simply amazing. It´s not a pure gold, but more of an old gold with a hint of olive. The eyeliner is really nice in combination with Mac "Sumptous Olive" or "Woodwinked".

left to right: Alverde "shimmery gold" ; Mac "Flatter Me" ; Sleek "Mirrored Pink" ; Catrice "Artfully Lustrous"

What are your favourite limited edition products? Are you a le hunter or do you not care about les? What Top 5 would you like to see in the future?

Lots of love

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