Samstag, 13. Juli 2013

Colours of the Rainbow Tag

Hey there,

you have probably seen this tag so often by now, that you don´t even want to read this. But I really like to see all these products for a specific colour. Sometimes I wouldn´t even think of the products that some blogger feature in their posts. So today, I´d like to show you my version and products. Let´s get started.


Mac "Russian Red": This is most probably my most loved lipstick ever. I love the matte finish and the colour is simply amazing. 


Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: Here in England, the lenght of my hair turned really dry and frizzy. Since I´m using this oil, they are smooth and soft again. Additionally, it protects the hair from heat (blow dryer) and it smells delicious.


Burts Bees Lemon Lime Lip Gloss: This is literally the only "yellow" product I own. I don´t really use it as a lip gloss, as it moisturizes the lips very well, so it is more of a lip balm. There is just one huge problem. It stinks! But I use it every night, before I go to bed, and the next morning my lips are really smooth.


Mac "Humid": A really nice green, which is beautiful on the lid or in the crease. Unfortunately, I´m not using it too often. I should really use it more! The quality is good, as usual for Mac.


UDPP "original": Okay, I admit it. I´m cheating on this one. But I have no other product, which is a pure purple.  All the rest of my "purple" products, are more greyish or blue. But the UDPP is a really good base and I will definitely repurchase it if mine is empty.


OPI "Unfor-greta-bly blue": Such a stunning blue! I love it. I don´t really like blue on my nails, but this one is absolutely beautiful. I can´t stop wearing it. Two layers are enough and it lasts for up to 6 days on my nails. And the name is awesome, too.


Topshop Cream Blush "Flush": Actually, it is a bit brighter than it is on the picture. I already featured it in my Top 5 Blushes post. It is just so easy to work with and gives such a nice colour to the cheeks.


Sleek Palette "Sparkle 2": Oh dear, I´m not really a sucker for multicoloured things and most of the time they just don´t attract me, as I wouldn´t use half of the colours. This is the only multicoloured item I have and yes, it consists of 7 dark colours and 4 light ones. Can you actually call this multicoloured?

So these were my products. What would you choose for the colours? Can I call this palette multicoloured?

Lots of love

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