Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Products not worth the hype

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We all know it, we all hate it and we all can´t stand it. I am talking about THE HYPE. I have to admit as soon as there is a huge hype about something, I have to buy it. There are just a few things I can stand. Anyway, lots of products are hyped, but not all are as good as they are said to be. So, today I´d like to show you 4 products, that are not worth the hype. But before I show you these, I´d like to say one thing: I do like all of these products and use all of them, I just don´t think that they deserve to be talked about so much or worth the amount of money. So lets get started!

MUA "Heaven&Earth" Palette: Oh dear, yes I have 190952 browns and yes, I still had to buy it. The quality is good, nice pigmentation and longlasting, but all of these browns are so usual and no "wow I have never seen this before" colour . Of course, it is cheap, but as it is so usual, it is not worth buying it. It would definitely be worth purchasing if you are a beginner and don´t own much, but people with lots of make up just don´t need it.

Lancome Rouge in Love "340B": I can still remember how, about a year ago, every German blogger was talking about this lipstick and as I am a sucker for lipsticks, I just had to get it. I stayed strong for a couple of weeks, but in the end I gave in. It is a perfect colour for spring and summer, but the price! About 20-22pounds for this little darling. The quality itself is alright, but not much better than a Rimmel lipstick and that is what makes this product not worth the hype. Too expensive for the quality.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Everyone has it and everyone loves it, including me. This package lastet me about 2 years (while I was using other primers as well) and I really love it. The eyeshadows get brighter and stay on and on and on. Why it is not worth the hype? Because there are other brands which make primers as good as this one but way cheaper and with a better packaging. This packaging is just rubbish. You can´t get everything out and that for 16 pounds? No thank you!

Benefit "Benetint": I have never seen a product that was as hyped as this one. A tint for cheeks and lips. Quite hard to work with, uneven on the lips and stinking like hell. On the cheeks it gives a nice, even and rosy colour, but it doesn´t look special enough to be hyped that much, nor is it easy to work with. Nice idea, but it just doesn´t work for me.

What are your products that are just not worth the hype? Do you agree with mine or are there any which you love in this posts?

Lots of love

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