Montag, 8. Juli 2013

NOTD - black ´n´white is my confetti

Hey there,

as I have shown you in my latest haul, I bought the Loreal Confetti Topcoat. It caught my eye ages ago, but it was always sold out. When I finally found it, I just had to buy it. I´m really glad I did. It is black and white, so it goes really well on top of nearly any nail polish.
This time, I felt like wearing grey nails, but in the end it seemed too boring to me. So I just added the Loreal topcoat and I´m amazed. It is so simple, but looks so good.

Base: Rival de Loop "lucky grey" (LE)

Do you have the Loreal Confetti Topcoat? Do you like it, or not? What nail polish do you combine with it?

Lots of love

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