Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Top 5: Accessoires

Hey there :)

As you may know, my last week was really busy. My friend from Germany came over to visit me for a week and we did lots of fun stuff. So yesterday, I had to get some sleep after she left. Now I´m back and it´s already Tuesday again. That means Top 5 Tuesday! Today it´s all about accessoires.

DKNY Watch: I bought this watch last year when I went to Paris. A good watch had been on my wish list for ages and I don´t regret buying it at all. It was quite expensive (~130pounds) but I wear it nearly every day. Sometimes I wear gold jewellery and sometimes silver jewellery, so I decided to buy a brown one as it goes with both.

Primark Ring: I´m obsessed with big rings and this is my favourite. As I have a lot of blue/turquoise coloured clothes, it goes with lots and this is probably why I love it so much.

No Name Bracelettes: Bought in Venice, nearly two years ago now (oh my god! how time runs!), I´m wearing them pretty often. They just remind me so much of the fun I had when I went to Italy.

Sferza Necklace: Oh dear, what a drama! First I didn´t want it and then, on the last day of my holiday in Spain, I was desperate to get it. So we had to run to the shop and, luckily, I got the last one. Again, the colour goes with lots of my clothes.

No Name Necklace: I received this necklace for last Christmas. My best friend gave it to me and said: "When you filled this with rain, you can give up on your dream of living in England and come back home." It has no bottom :) This was so cute!

What are your favourite accessoires? Do you have any suggestions for the next Top 5 Tuesdays?

Lots of love xx

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