Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Fashion Haul or my fashion addicted friend wanted to shop

Hey there,

as you may know, my friend from Germany was here in England to visit me last week. She is an absolute fashion addict and, of course, wanted to do lots of shopping. So I showed here all those nice shop which are not available in Germany. Obviously, I found some nice things as well. We went to London, Portsmouth and some secondhand shops in the town I live. It is so good to live between those two cities. Perfect for shopping!

Forever 21 - ring - £1.99

Claires Outlet - necklaces - each £2

Peacock - aztec print dress - £14
Oasis - green and creme dress - £25

both secondhand shop
left: sheer blouse - £4.50
right: sheer top - £1.25

Primark - jeans - £10
Peacock - black maxi skirt - £14

As you can see, it was a quite summery haul. Maybe because we had around 27 degrees the whole week over.

How do you like the things? What are your favourite shops in England?

Lots of love