Dienstag, 24. September 2013

The Grunge Look

Hey there :)

Today, I felt like putting on a darker make up, which wasn´t too dark for a normal day. I wanted to try the grunge look for a while now and a just gave it a go today.

- UDPP (all over the lid)
- Cosline Eyeliner "Aubergine" (blended around the lashes and waterline)
- Alverde "chocolate" (whole lid + blended in the crease + underneath the eye)
- Sleek "Storm" aubergine (centre of the lid on top of Alverde "chocolate" + underneath the eye)
- Rival de Loop "white coffee" (under eyebrow)
- Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

On the cheeks I am wearing a Sleek blush in "Suede" and on the lips Revlon lip butter in "Raspberry Pie".

I am really in love with this look. I like the aubergine on the lid, but it´s still very settle and not too bright. How do you like the grunge look? What do you think of the make up?

Lots of love

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

NOTD: Million Dollar Baby lost in mud

Hey there :)

As it is getting cold and rainy now, I´m wearing all those taupe, burgundy and brown colours on my nails again. Today, I went for Catrice "Lost in mud", but as I found it a bit too boring, I added Catrice "Million Dollar Baby" Topcoat as an ombre effect to my nails.

I am absolutely in love with this easy and quick, but still effectful design. How do you like it? What are your favourites in autumn?

Lots of Love

Freitag, 6. September 2013

Germany Haul

Hey there :)

I know it´s been a long time since I´ve been around, but now I´m settled in my new home and job and feel good enough to blog again.
As you may know, I have been to Germany in August and, of course, I did some shopping. To be honest, I didn´t buy too much as I had to bring back lots anyway.

So here we go!


Manhattan Yeah&Yang LE "cherry blossom" (left) - a really nice, pinky coral, very simple but still elegant
Manhattan Super Nails "Superb Sparkle" LE (right) - a black nail polish with lots of purple glitter in it, I can´t wait to wear it!


Catrice "Mermaid my day" (left) - a blue with silver, metallic shimmer
Catrice "Miami pINK" (right) - a sheer pink with lots of pink shimmer

Essie "bordeaux" - a proper bordeaux, which is unfortunately a nightmare to apply as it gets very stripy and uneven


very left: Manhattan Eyeshadow Cream "Ballroom Babe" (LE) - caramel, light brown with metallic shimmer

all P2 from left to right:
"Powerfull Asia" - light purple with glitter, easy to blend
"Petrol" - a deep blue with hints of green
"Brown" - a rich chocolate brown 



left: Clarins Eclat Minute "05": Oh, I love them so much and when I saw them at the duty free section at the airport, I couldn´t resist! This is a light coral and it smells as delicious as the other ones. I´m a sucker for these babes.

right: Essence "wear berries!" - a berry purple, which is just perfect for the autumn

This was my little Germany haul. Do you know any of these brand? Would you like to see more about certain prducts and/or brands?

Lots of love