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Top 5: Eyeshadows

Hey there,

this week is so busy. One of my friends from Germany is here to visit me for a week and we´re out all day long and I have to work. Even though it´s so much fun, I´m so tired.
Anyway, I didn´t want to miss out on blogging and today it´s time for another Top 5 Tuesday. This time, it´s all about eyeshadows.

Manhattan "dim brown" (top left): This is one of my all time favourites. I bought it 1,5 years ago and I´m still loving it. The pigmentation is amazing and it feels so smooth when applying it. It has already a quite deep hollow, which you can´t see on the picture. Its colour changes between grey and green, depending on the light.

No7 (no name) (top right): I received it in a gift box by No7, which you got when you spent more than 15pounds on No7 make up. In the beginning, I didn´t like it at all, but now it is one of my favourites. Often, I use it instead of a black eyeshadow, as it is a really dark green with gold shimmer and looks black most of the time. It is easy to work with and stays the whole day/night.

Mac "Satin Taupe" (bottom): Do I really have to talk about this one? I have been talking about it so much already, you are probably bored as soon as you see it on a picture. Just that: I love it and I would always repurchase it. 

left to right: Mac, No7, Manhattan

left to right: Manhattan, No7, Mac

Rival de Loop "white coffee" (right): My favourite to blend all edges of my make up. I use it everyday and I already repurchased it 2 times. 

Chanel Illusion d´ombre "Émerveillé" (right): I have been thinking about buying it for nearly a year. It is pretty expensive, but it is worth it. It works without a base and I usually take it with me every weekend (as I´m out every weekend) and I use no other eyeshadow on the weekends (except the one above). It is perfect for a really natural look but also goes really well with a nice eyeliner. It was really worth buying it.

left: Chanel
right: Rival de Loop

left: Rival de Loop
right: Chanel

What are your favourite eyeshadows? 

Lots of love

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