Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

My Essie Collection

Hey there,

as you may know, I have a slight Essie obsession. They are my favourite nail polishes. They last 3-5 days, are so easy to apply and you don´t need many layers at all. That´s why I´ve got quite a few of them and today, I´d like to show them to you.

Fiji: light pink, nearly white - 3 layers
Tea&Cumpets: shimmery light beige - 2 layers
A Crewed Interest (LE): light peach - 2 layers

Shop til I drop: sheer light peach, gel look - 3 layers for full coverage
Tartdeco: bright coral/orange - 2 layers (careful: turns more orange, when a topcoat is applied!)
Off the Shoulder (LE): bright pink - 2 layers 

All tied up (LE): did someone read too much Shades of Grey?!: brown-red with golden shimmer - 2 layers
Reccessionista (LE): deep plum - 1 layer
Bond with Whomever (LE): light purple, lilac - 2 layers

Miss Fancy Pants (LE): elephant grey with a hint of purple (depending on the lightning) - 2 layers
Maximilian Strase Her (LE): grey, blue, green (depending on the lightning) - 2 layers
Mint Candy Apple: mint - 2 layers

Bikini so Teeny (LE): medium blue with silver shimmer - 2 layers
Pennytalk (LE): metallic rosegold - 1 layer
Topless and Barefoot: light beige/creme - 3 layers
Sew Psyched: dirty khaki - 2 layers

Beyond Cozy (LE): gold/silver glitter - 2 layers for full coverage
Leading Lady (LE): sheer dark red with glitter - 2-3 layers
Snap happy (LE): bright red - 2 layers

How do you like Essie nail polishes? Do you have the same ones? Which ones should I add to my collection? Which one is your favourite?

Lots of love

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