Freitag, 26. April 2013

My new Essie lovers...Madison Aven-hue collection

Hey there :)

Finally, Essies new collection (Madison Aven-hue) arrived in Boots! I love English drugstores, but there is one big problem about them... Here in England Essie collections are about 1 month later available than in Germany. So while my friends are already talking about the new ones, I´m still trying to find the old collections...

Because of that I already saw lots and lots of pictures of the Madison Aven-hue nail varnishes. When I finally found them, I couldn´t decide which ones to buy. But I stayed strong and bought just two shades. And after that, I abandoned myself from buying make up. I have enough, I don´t need more. Let´s see how long that will work...

But now finallly the nail varnishes:

"Maximillian Strasse her" + Essence "Waking up in Vegas" (just on the ringfinger)

A beautiful grey with a blue or green touch, depending on the light

"bond with whomever"

A beautiful cold lavender, quite similar to Essie "Lilacism"

How do you like the new Essie collection? 

Lots of Love xx

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