Montag, 13. Mai 2013

I´m under the wizards spell

Hey there :)

A couple of weeks ago OPI came up with a limited edition for the film "Oz The Great And Powerful". Of course I had to buy them, not just because of the design but for the lovely nude shades.

Here all the colours. The quality here is different with every nail varnish. Two of them are absolutely amazing and I´m really in love with them. The other two are not as expected and a bit dissappointing.

I Theodora You - sheer pink

I´m amazed! The quality is amazing. It is very long-lasting and after two layers is nothing of the original nail colour left. One of my favourites!

Don´t Burst my bubble - white/nude

After 4 layers was my nail still shining through. It took ages to dry and after my boyfriend told me: "Uh, can you not paint your nails? They look horrible!", was it even clear to me, that this is definetely not a nail varnish for me. 

Glints of Linda - beige/nude

With 3 layers everything is fine, but the colour looks too much like my actual nail. The only thing that happens is that the white tips get covered up. Some might like how it looks, but I´m not a big fan. If the colours was a bit darker, I would love it!

What wizardry is this? - taupe with textured matt sheen

Oh, I am in love. The colour changes between green, taupe, brown and gold. The texture is not to rough and  easy to remove with normal cotton pads and nail varnish remover. OPI, I have to admit, well done!

I bought it because of the nude shades, but in the end I only liked one of them. I´m not too happy with the nude shades, except "Don´t burst my bubble", but I really love "What wizardry is this?". All in all is this set ok, but I wouldn´t recommend it, if you want to purchase it for the nude shades.

Do you have this set? How do you like the nude shades? Or do you have any of the other colours?

Lots of love xx

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