Freitag, 2. August 2013

Empties #2

Hey there :)

I can´t believe it! July is over! And in August, a lot will be happening in my life, I´m going home to Germany for a 2-week holiday, I move and I start a new job. I´m so excited! And what else does it mean? Yes, it´s time for a new Empties post. This month I tried to use up some make up products, I´ve been having for ages and it worked.

Shave Gel Sainsbury´s: I´m always using this one, it´s my go-to shaving gel and I don´t know how often I already repuchased it. It only has a light scent and moisturizes my legs while shaving and it´s really inexpensive. Repurchased

Batiste Dry Shampoo: My 7th bottle, I still love it and I already talked about this one in my last Empties post. Repurchased

Simple Facial Toner: I don´t really have big problems with my skin, so I don´t need a toner that helps with pimples and spots. I simply use it to refresh my skin in the morning and to take of the last bits of make up after my cleanser. It is 100% alcohol free and I´m always using it. Repurchased

Boots Cleansing Wipes: I´ve been using them for the last year now and it is perfect for removing the first bits of make up. Repurchased

Mandara Spa Bodybutter: It was a present and I didn´t like the smell of cream, cos that is how this one smells. It moistened my skin quite well, but I just don´t like the scent. 

Essence Better than Gel nails Topcoat: A clear topcoat, which I have already repurchased 4 times. Unfortunately, they changed the formula, so I don´t really know if I will repurchase it again or not. 

Essence "like a day in candy shop" perfume: My brother gave it to me and I always had it with me when I went away on the weekends. It is a nice soft scent, which is not too heavy. Perfect for every day.

Alverde Eyebrowgel: My favourite eyebrowgel as it is transparent and lasts the whole day. I´ve been using it for 2 years already and just repurchased my 5th package of it. 

MUA Eyebrow pencil "blonde": The exact colour of my eyebrows, lasts the whole day, easy to apply and very cheap. What else to say?! Repurchased

NYX Eyebrow pencil "taupe": This was the one I used before I found the MUA one and I loved it, but  unfortunately, it is a tiny bit too dark for me.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: I bought this one over a year ago and loved it, but I have other primers, which are as good as this one and way cheaper. Top, but I won´t repurchase it.

What have you used up recentely? 

Lots of love

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